tegan hammond


tegan hammond




Recent Work            Role                                                      Coordinator/Director

Magnum PI S1/E.17          Stunt Driver Double: Perdita Weeks             Gary Hymes

Magnum PI S1/E.15          Stunt Driver Double: Jordana Brewster       Gary Hymes & Eric Norris

Ferrari 488 Pista                Lead Driver (first female)                                   Paul Taublieb

Magnum PI S1/E.2            Stunt Driver Double: Perdita Weeks                  Jeff Cadiente 

Can Am Ryker                   Stunt Driver                                                        Andrew Schneider

Polaris Slingshot                Stunt Driver                                                        Dean Bradshaw Pictures

Truth Initiative PSA             Stunt Driver Double (car crash)                          Julius LeFlore /Malik Sayeed

Nissan Leaf 2018               Stunt Driver Double: Chelsea Wendroff             Fabrice Coton 

Toyota Camry 2018           Stunt Driver for Wisin & Christian Acosta           Jeff Jefferson

Zadig & Voltaire Paris         Stunt Driver                                                       Terry James

Lidl for Heidi Klum             Stunt Driver Double: Heidi Klum                         TJ White


About TegaN

Tegan holds two land-speed records at Bonneville--302 mph & 294 mph--and has experience safely handling a high-speed 209 mph spinout caused by wet course conditions. Her journey to set the 294 mph record was featured in a Canadian Discovery Channel episode which gave her experience with the production process, interviews and being on-camera while balancing the steep learning curve of not only being a first time driver that succeeded in achieving a record, but also it being her first time to ever be on the salt with its intense desert climate. In 2011, she became the 7th lady to earn her place along side an accomplished group of racers in the 300 mph chapter. In 2014 she completed Rick Seaman's Level 1 class, and in 2017 completed Rick's Level 3 Car Jump class with a final jump of 60ft. She has also earned a win in the Vintage Sprint circuit at Santa Maria Raceway in only her second time in the drivers seat while competing against all men all of whom are seasoned vintage racers. 

Tegan's dream is to be a well respected and highly sought after professional female stunt driver for commercials and films, and to create a life where her passion for driving coexists with her deep love of nature, people & culture, food & travel. She currently trains with a 1998 BMW M3.