Stunt Driving Reel | Tegan Hammond Stunt Driver & 302 mph Land Speed Record Holder

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista Spider Official Commercial | Ferrari tells me this is the first time they have used a female driver in a campaign.

CanAm Ryker Riders Tegan Hammond & Damian Garcia

Tegan Hammond Driver for Nissan Europe "Simply Amazing" New Nissan Leaf 2018 Commercial

Park it over here? OK! ...practice day shenanigans.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah | A 3min fast-motion in-car view of 30 minutes from the starting line through a 3-mile licensing run. One of five licensing runs leading up to a 294mph record in the B/GL class. Outside temp is in the upper 90sF/32sC and hotter still inside the fire suit. Footage courtesy of Discovery Channel Canada. Photo Credit: Brent Rowland.

7 back-to-back 180s to a mark...with some Pink Panther.